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Economic System of Islam - Explaining The Economics Of Islam

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Islamic teachings attach great importance to the economic aspects of daily life. Islam strives to establish a true welfare society, where the economic well being of its members and an equitable distribution system of wealth are ensured. In an Islamic society, the economic system is based within the framework of the moral MORE »

Sources Of Islamic Law: Explaining Sources Of Islamic Sharia Law

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The religious and legal thinking of Islam is based on some fundamental principles and procedures. These principles form the fundamental sources of Islamic Law and are known as Shariah. The Shariah is meant to govern MORE »

How To Become A Muslim? 7 Steps To Become a Muslim & Convert To Islam

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A new Muslim convert or someone thinking of becoming a Muslim is often concerned with the main question of how to become a Muslim? People embrace Islam for various reasons, whatever the cause maybe; some life changing experience, a MORE »

Muslim Religion Beliefs: The Concept Of God In Islam - Reply

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Monotheism, or faith in one God, is the foundation of Islam. It is the most important aspect of Muslim religion beliefs. All Muslims believe in the unity of God who has created and furnished the universe and He has the power and knowledge over everything. He is exclusive, matchless, and glorious above everything He creates, MORE »

Islam Beliefs And Practices - A Look On Islamic Articles of Faith

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Iman is the basis of all actions in Islam. Islam beliefs and practices are based on the concept of Iman, or the believer's faith. Iman consists of belief in six things mentioned in the Quran: "The Apostle believes in what has been revealed to him from his Lord, as do the men of faith. MORE »

What Are The 5 Pillars of Islam? The Five Basic Concepts Of Islam

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The five pillars of Islam, also called arkān al-Islām or arkān al-dīn, are the five basic acts in Islam which are mandatory for every Muslim believer. Belief in these 5 pillars of Islam is the foundation of Muslim life, and every Muslim must fulfill these primary obligations in their lifetime. If you are new to Islam and do not know what are the 5 pillars of MORE »

The Five Pillars of Islam With Meaning & Importance - Islamic Religion

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The Arkan al-Islam, also called the 5 Pillars of Islam, outline the basics of Muslim worship or 'Ibadah'. The Quran states: "I (Allah) created...humankind only that they might worship Me" (51:56). The Islamic edifice is raised on the five fundamental pillars. They are the real essence and the backbone of the Islamic way of life. Every Muslim is supposed to understand their meanings MORE »

Muslim Religion Beliefs in Islam - Islam Beliefs and Practices

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Muslim Religion Beliefs, the Religion of Muslim is Islam. Islam has its own beliefs and commands for the mankind. Therefore a Muslim believes the true practices and guidelines of Islam, Islamic beliefs are extracted from Quran and the Sunnah (the way of Prophet Muhammad SAWW). MORE »

Islamic Beliefs and Practices? Learn About Islamic Faith (Pillars)

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Islamic beliefs and the practices have a strong inter relation with each other. Islamic beliefs are six pillars of faith on the other hand practices are derived from premises built on these beliefs. The elaborated concept of MORE »

Major Beliefs of Islam: Explaining The Origin Of 6 Pillars Of Islam

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There are six major beliefs of Islam on which the whole building of Islam is made, these articles of faith includes believing in oneness of Allah, Believing on angels, Believing on all Prophets, Having faith on all Revealed Books, Believing on The Day of Judgment and believing on divine fate MORE »

Surah al Kafirun- Arabic Text, English Translation, Transliteration Of Al Kafiroon

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Surah al Kafirun in Arabic text and English translation & English transliteration of Al Kafiroon. Surah al Kafirun is 109th chapter of the Holy Quran and is also known as Al Kafiroon the word Kafirun is an Arabic Word which means "The Disbelievers". The surah addresses the non-believers in very harsh tone while giving a lesson of taking them hard and disassociation from them. MORE »

Surah Al Baqarah Transliteration In English - Surah Baqrah Transliteration

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Surah Al Baqarah transliteration, read surah al baqarah with English translation, get surah baqarah in English, Surah al Baqara is 2nd and longest chapter of the final and complete book revealed on Prophet Muhammad SAWW, Quran. Surah al Baqarah was revealed in Madina and its mean the caw because there is a story in it about the caw of Bani-Israel. MORE »

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