Medina First, 15 Days Hajj Package Details 2015

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Medina First, 15 Days Hajj Package Details

- FIRST LAND IN MEDINA, Then transferred to Mecca.
- This package includes stay of Oberoi Hotel in Medina (Only we are offering stay of Oberoi Hotel in Pakistan)
- 15-days package includes full Ashra-e-Zilhajj
- Schedule designed with best expertise which is closest to Sunnah
- 5 Star hotels are booked facing Haram before Hajj
- Executive class Cabins with Private bathrooms are arranged in Mina for Our hajj Group, The Maktab is located closest to Jamraat in VVIP area.


  • Stay of 3 Days in Medina from 27th Zilqada to 1st Zilhaj in 5 STAR PLUS Hotels of Medina (Medina Oberoi or any other Similar)

  • Stay of 3 Days from 1st Zilhaj to 4th Zilhaj in 5 STAR Plus Hotels of Makkah (Dal-ul-Tawheed International OR any other similar)

  • Stay of 3-4 Days Building in Makkah (Building to Haram Limited Transport Services)
  • * Stay of 3-4 days in Mecca location will be closest to Mina, (Limited Transport Service will be provided from building to Haram). Then 5 - 6 days of Hajj to perform complete steps in Mina, Arafat & Muzdalifa.

  • Air Conditioned Tents in Arafat

  • Package also includes Ziaraat in Medina

  • You will be provided return transport for Tawaf-e-Ziyarat (during Hajj Days)

  • Departure in 1st flight after hajj via Jeddah Airport*

  • Buffet meal will be offered in Medina Munawarah Hotel (Breakfast & Dinner) - Half Board

  • Buffet meal will be offered in building and Mina (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner), 24 hrs hot/cold drinks are available - Full Board

  • Overall whole Pilgrimage is designed to utilize the full Ashra-e-Zilhaj with optimal time management techniques


Budget Hajj Package

  • In this option there will be no transport available for Tawaf-e-Ziyarat in Hajj Days

  • For transport normal A/C buses are available for 6 hajj Days (seat by seat)

  • 15 persons per tent which have a size of 4m x 4m. The tents are in combined format, and 2 or 3 tents can have single entrance.

  • Bathrooms are common

  • Small Mattress will be available


Budget Regular Hajj Package (Facilities in 6 Hajj Days)

  • In this option return transport will be available for Tawaf-e-Ziyarat in Hajj Days

  • For transport, Luxurious A/C buses will be provided with wash rooms for 6 hajj days

  • In MINA private bathrooms are arranged for our Groups only (with both options Indian & French)

  • Up sized Sofa cum Beds

  • 10 persons per tent which have a size of 4m x 4m, (The tents can have single entrance)

  • In MINA the Tents with walls & doors are set up for stay

  • Air cooled room


Executive Hajj Package

  • In MINA private cabins are set up which accommodate 5 person per Tent, (Tent size is 4m x 4m)

  • Return transport will be available for Tawaf-e-Ziyarat in Hajj Days

  • For transport, Luxurious A/C buses will be provided with wash rooms for 6 hajj days

  • Attached private washrooms

  • Box bed with Mattress


(14th Zilhaj +/- 1 Day)

*  Duration of the package may vary one night / two days, the cost remain unchanged; this fluctuation depends on moon sighting and flight schedule
Optional upgrades are available at extra cost
Lunch and dinner can be added for hotel stay
Separate family rooms can be provided in building


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Azka May 28, 03:37 AM

Kindly send rates for budget package for 3 people.15 days package.

Shawanah May 20, 05:47 AM

Can you please email me the price of 15 days Hajj package?

Moniba rizwan
Moniba rizwan May 11, 05:38 AM

Cost of 15 days budget hajj

Muhammad Amir
Muhammad Amir April 23, 04:02 AM

AOA. Please email me details / cost for 15 days Hajj Package with schedule from Multan or Lahore.
Regards, Allah hafiz. Amir

mumtaz Ahmed
mumtaz Ahmed April 12, 04:05 PM

Please send detail of Different packages for Hajj 2017 for 2 persons from Lahore or Islamabad.

Mrs. Khalid
Mrs. Khalid April 02, 02:40 PM

Kubdly invix me the prices of different packages. Thankyou

Mariam February 13, 01:20 AM

Assalamu alaikum
I'd like to know different prices of all the packages.

Raja M. Anwar
Raja M. Anwar February 12, 12:44 PM

Please can you send me the price for 2 person for 5 star package for 20 days for 2017.Only I need that the accommodation in Macca and Madina should be the nearest place at walking distance. thanks

rasheed ahmad khan
rasheed ahmad khan January 17, 04:52 AM

i need to know the prices of all the haj pakages


asalam o alikum sir i want to know about; 12 days 15 days and 23 days package cost can you sent me information.i m from karachi

Mussarat July 30, 08:03 PM

could you please give me price for 23 and 15 days executive Haj package. Thanks

jawad akram
jawad akram May 10, 04:41 PM

Hi, could you please tell me the price for 15 days package from Lahore budget and executive please per person.

SHAKEEL May 09, 08:47 PM

Can you send me 2016 hajj package 15 days details from islamabad with prices please

usman May 09, 09:19 AM

Can you send me all hajj and umrah package details from islamabad with prices please

Aqeelzada May 05, 12:10 PM

please send me 23 days package price

dr Hussain
dr Hussain April 30, 02:34 AM

Send money details

najeeb April 25, 08:25 AM

Salam, kindly send me all hajj packages with all details and the cost. please also mention the last dates of booking

Shakeel April 19, 10:43 PM

Kindly send me 15 days Hajj Package Price for 2016.
JazakAllah khair

Mrs Shameem
Mrs Shameem April 15, 06:20 PM

Kindly send me 15 days Hajj package detail with prize JazakALLAH Khair

salma April 06, 09:43 PM

kindly send me details of hajj pakages for 15/18 days .Thanx

Ali Zia
Ali Zia March 23, 03:03 AM

Please send me the executive hajj packages for 15 days

usman akbar
usman akbar March 07, 02:16 PM

plz send me 15 -19 days package on email with full price details

Mrs Ansari
Mrs Ansari February 27, 08:57 AM

Kindly send me the detailed price package for 2016 hajj .When should i register myself.

Shahnwaz February 04, 02:33 AM

Pls e mail me hajj package prices from 15 to 25 days one

Fahim January 29, 12:58 AM


Can you please tell me prize for 15 and 23 days hajj packages from karachi

Mrs Shameem
Mrs Shameem January 25, 01:18 PM

Please kindly inbox my a prize for 15 days Hajj. JazakALLAH Kher

nauman December 26, 04:03 PM

can u please send me price for 20 days hajj duration . Thanks

Mrs Faisal
Mrs Faisal November 08, 06:20 AM

please send me details for 15 days hajj packages and their cost.

hanif alam qureshi
hanif alam qureshi January 05, 04:16 PM

can u pl seand me price for15 days thanks

Zeeshan October 09, 12:09 PM

How much are the charges for 15 and 23 from islamabad. For 2016

Hira Waqas
Hira Waqas April 07, 01:36 PM

Can u plz tell me the price of 15 days and 12 days vip package

shahnawaz September 16, 11:48 PM

please send hajj 2015 packeg can i go this year ?

Zia Mohammad Khan
Zia Mohammad Khan August 04, 12:00 AM

Dear Sir,
Please give me details and prices for 15 day and 23 day executive Hajj Packages.

adrees khan
adrees khan November 03, 09:03 PM

Could you please provide me with the information about hajj packages all 3* 4* 5* 15 25 40 days and hotal name

khalid Gul
khalid Gul March 29, 03:59 AM

Currently I am in UAE and planning to go for Hajj this year alongwith wife from Peshawar Pakistan.
Could you please provide me with the information as follows,
1. How many days we will stay in Saudi?(Date of Depart from Pesh-Pak & Arrival back to Pesh-Pak.
2. What will be the nearest residence in Makka and then Madina?
3. Cost of Hajj Package?
4. Cost of Air Ticket?
5. Name of Airline?
6. Cost of Food Expense for the whole days.
7. Will prefer individual room.

Thanks in advance for your positive response.

asad November 01, 09:03 AM

we can arrange hajj package from UAE through our sister company located in Islamabad. for more info: 04-2288575

maria March 14, 05:33 AM

My husband and I want to go along with another couple. Plz let me know the prices for 4 and 5 persons.

Qazi Amjad Ali
Qazi Amjad Ali March 09, 01:06 AM

Subhanallah may GOD give more success to perform better work for hajaj i also want to go for hajj 2015 from Islam abad please give ur full details thanks

Imtiaz Ahmad Khan
Imtiaz Ahmad Khan February 03, 10:46 AM

Me n my wife looking for Hajj Package 2015 from Karachi. We Australian Citizen live in Sydney
Plz privide us informations n cost of different packages

shahid syed
shahid syed January 17, 01:37 PM

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sabeen May 23, 07:13 AM

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amna January 05, 02:12 AM