Newly Reverts to Islam - Latest converted Muslims Top 10 List

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Reverts to Islam often used for those who converted to Islam and become a Muslim from any other religion like Christianity or Judaism etc. Muslims use this term “reverts to Islam” giving reason that when one accepts Islam, it is not his/her first time, it is infect he/she is reverting to its origin and truth on which one took birth.

Here we’re enlisting newly reverts to Islam from different religion with their comments and reasons why they chosen Islam as religion and the way of life and why they left their previous beliefs and what makes them inspired by Islam to embrace the religion of submission. Here are top ten Muslim and Muslimahs who reverted to Islam.
Sister Maya Z:
“Not very long ago, I was preparing myself to be a Christian soldier against Islam, fighting with my words, not by force. the Quran had been known to me as a dangerous book.

but when I read the opening of the Quran, I could not stop the tears. I learned there was much peace that comes from reading this book of God. I compared it to the bible, my questions ever increasing. Why did I worship Jesus all this time when, even in the bible, Jesus clearly instructs the crowds to worship the one true Lord, and to serve him only (Luke 4:8).”

Swedish Woman Submits to Allah:
I Was Told Islam is a Cult
The first time I ever thought about having Islam as my religion was at the age of 15.

Reading a story in my high school religion book about a Swedish woman who converted made me think: How would it be if I became a Muslim? How would it change my life?

Dave accepts Islam and takes shahada. He had few doubts about women’s right in Islam and why in Islam pork and alcohol is prohibited due to living in western society, after a long discussion he was satisfied with the answer and said he loves Allah SWT and loves Quran and he wants to become Muslim and took shahada.

How a Greek Woman Embraced Islam:
I Was Taught to Hate Islam

I had belief in God, fear and love for Him, but everything else confused me. I was born in Athens, Greece, to Greek Orthodox parents. My father's family lived in Turkey, Istanbul for most of their lives, and my father was born and raised there.

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