Halal Food in Paris - See Halal Restaurant In Paris To Dine Out For Halal In Paris France

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Halal food in Paris, is available at many food point. Halal restaurants in Paris France are halal certified, search for halal food restaurants & food corners in Paris city from here. Halal food is the permissible food in Islamic law. In the city like Paris, finding halal food is an issue. Halal food in Paris can be obtained through halal food providers and restaurants. There are many restaurants which are considered to be authentic in Providing Halal food with guarantee, and known to be very strict on religious domains.

Paris is the capital and most populous city of France. Muslims living in Paris are increasing day by day, and now have made a society there. Although Muslims are in minority in Paris, yet they are so great in numbers that demand for establishing halal food restaurant by private capitalist and business opportunist increasing day by day. Some of the Muslim dominated populated areas in Paris are Belleville, Goutte-d'Or, the Myrha Street, Strasbourg Saint-Denis area, Champigny and Nanterre.

If you’re in search of Halal food in Parish, you can find halal food easily in aforementioned areas where Muslims live dominated numbers comparatively.  However, halal food corners, halal food providers, and halal restaurants can easily be found in Parish whether you live in Muslims populated area or not.

If you’re new in the city, and you are in search of halal food points in the beautiful city Paris, don’t worry, we are enlisting some of the major halal food providing restaurants in Paris following. Many of them carry a halal food certificate; however, many of them are itself owned by Muslims and confirm verbally that they serve halal food.

  • La Palme Restaurant & Lounge at 28 Avenue de la Porte des Poissonniers

  • Maison Du Kashmir at 8 Rue Sainte-Beuve

  • Le Dez Restaurant at 10 Rue des Acacias

  • Saidoune Restaurant at 35 rue Legendre

  • Le Jumeyrah Restaurant at 101 rue Saint Maur

  • L'Arganier Restaurant at 19 rue Sainte Croix de la Bretonnerie

  • Le Gastronome at 45 rue des TroisBrones

  • L'Averroes at 41 Boulevard Pasteur

It is better for you to ask before you order the meal if it is halal food or not. Because Paris is not a city of an Islamic country where you can find everything originated from halal. Thus, whether you’re booking in halal restaurants, halal certified restaurants or the food point owned by Muslims, you ought to ask whether the food which is served is halal or not.

List of Halal Restaurants In Paris To Eat Halal Food In Paris

Restaurant Chouchou


63, rue Rambuteau, Paris, Île-de-France

45 Rue de Clignancourt, Paris, Île-de-France



Orient Express


1 Avenue Victor Hugo, Rueil-Malmaison, Île-de-France

82, Rue de Clichy, Paris, Île-de-France



Le Filao


8, Passage de Prado, Paris, Île-de-France

46 Boulevard de Bercy, Paris, Île-de-France



Auberge D'Agadir

Indian Palace

38 Rue aux Fleurs, Voisins le Bretonneux, Île-de-France

47, rue Richard Lenoir, Paris, Île-de-France



El Amir

Resto Express

13, rue des Tilleuls, Voisins le Bretonneux, Île-de-France

Rue de Poissy, Paris, Île-de-France



Le Phenicien

Le Sultan

17, Rue Alexandre Parodi, Paris, Île-de-France

8 Rue de l'Isly, Paris, Île-de-France



Sandwich Club

Le Jardin de Belleville

63 Rue Planchat, Paris, Île-de-France

25 Rue des Couronnes, Paris, Île-de-France



Rotisserie Halal

Le Koull

25, Rue Erard, Paris, Île-de-France

46 Boulevard Charles de Gaulle, Colombes, Île-de-France



La Madrague

Abdul Fast Foods

168 Avenue de Clichy, Paris, Île-de-France

42 Rue Ordener, Paris, Île-de-France


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