Who is Muslim? What is the Definition and the Literal Meaning of Muslim in Islam?

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Muslim is a person who follows Islam. Sometime the Muslim is one whose religion is Islam. The follower of Islam is called Muslim. Literally, Muslim or sometime written as Moslem denotes to "the one who submit (to Allah)". MORE »

Pilgrims from 163 Countries Gathered at the Heart of Islamic Land Mecca for Hajj

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From 163 countries, Muslims gathered in Mecca to perform Hajj (Pilgrim) as obligation on them once in life, this year, 2014 also like every year they circulate around the Kaba. MORE »

Define Islam - Islam and the Brief Decryption of Islamic Religion as Peace and Submission

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Islam is religion which is defined as the religion of peace and submission. However, many describe Islam as the religion of Quran and Prophet Muhammad SAWW. In other words, Islam is considered to be the religion sent by Allah (God) on his Prophet Muhammad SAWW with the book called Quran. MORE »

VIP Umrah Packages 2017 For Pakistan, VIP Umrah 2017 Packages Lahore, Umrah 2017 Karachi & Islamabad

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Here you can find complete details about umrah packages of Pakistan which serves you as a right path to find best umah travel agents in your area with no fraud. Here in Pakistan it's a normal method of travel agents that they deceive their customers on facilities offered to them in Mecca & Medina or while Airline travel. MORE »

Hajj Packages 2017, Booking, Trusted Hajj Traveler in Pakistan - Review

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Hajj Guide is bringing best Hajj Packages 2017 in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad details for hujjaj who are searching the trusted Hajj traveler's . Pilgrimages of Pakistan who are looking hajj 3015 preparation should not worry any more to find the best hajj packages details, affordable & luxury air tickets booking, hajj visa arrangements, short hajj booking packages, five start hotels booking and Mina tent service with private bathrooms. MORE »

Some Snaps of Hajj 2014 Live Held this Year Successfully last until Oct. 7

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Live hajj snaps and images are gathered for the clients who were unable to attend hajj 2014 (Hajj-e-Akbar) this year held in Saudi Arabia, Mecca last till October 7, 2014. As hajj (The Pilgrimage) is one of the largest gatherings of the world at event yearly held in Makkah, current hajj is considered to be most desired hajj as it is also known as Hajj-e-Akbar. MORE »

The Hajj 2014 - The Pilgrimage to Mecca Ended with Success in All Grounds

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Congratulation to all participants, whether haji (the pilgrims), services providers, government and business opportunist that the hajj to Makkah ended with peace and success in all grounds as our team was dedicatedly remained engaged in the event to provide healthy and fruitful guide and information regarding hajj 2014 held in Saudi Arabia Mecca. MORE »

Is Apple Cider Vinegar Halal: Read Status Of Cider Vinegar Halal or Haram In Islam

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Apple Cider Vinegar Halal or not read detailed information about it, ruling of Islam on apple cider vinegar halal or haraam status for Muslims. Vinegar is the most commonly used product in the kitchen to make dishes more and more tasty and attractive with products made with vinegar. Here the question is that either apple cider vinegar is halal or not in Islam to be used as a taste enhancer in the Muslims MORE »

Is Red Wine Vinegar Halal: Read Complete Opinion Of Islam About Red Wine Vinegar

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Red wine vinegar halal complete information about red wine vinegar halal or haraam status in Islam to know ruling of Islam about Alcoholic and spirit vinegar. Before buying vinegar from market you should consider that if that vinegar is processed from halal method or by haraam method for preparing vinegar, same is the case with red wine vinegar. MORE »

Is White Wine Vinegar Halal: Ruling Of Islam On White Wine Vinegar Halal or Haraam

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Is white wine vinegar halal read complete and detailed ruling of Islam on white wine vinegar halal or Haraam status for Muslims made by oxidizing of alcohol including spirit vinegar and others. It is very commonly used product in kitchen. And Muslims only uses halal products in their kitchen so you should be aware before using any product in your kitchen that if it is halal or not just like vinegar. MORE »

Is Mozzarella Cheese Halal: Ruling Of Islam On Halal Mozzarella Cheese

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Mozzarella cheese is mainly belong to Italy and was first manufactured in Southern Italy with special type of buffalo milk which is domesticated buffalos, not all mozzarella cheeses are Halal but the ruling of Halal & Haraam depends on the method on processing used in finalizing the product and also the ingredients used in Mozzarella cheese. MORE »

Is Parmesan Cheese Halal: Ruling of Halal or Haraam For Parmesan Cheese

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Parmesan cheese is widely used in many countries in cooking food, giving it a unique and delicious taste, but it is an issue for Muslims to use any product in their food and they seek a source for confirmation of the halal or Haraam status of a product before using it. Here we have listed some rules which will give you a path for deciding about a cheese is halal or not? MORE »