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Umrah is a Pilgrimage to Mecca (Arabic: عمرة) which is performed by Muslims, with dictionary meaning known as visiting a populated place. Read about how to perform umrah, information about Umrah so that you can perform your umrah accurately, get info about umrah travel in Pakistan, read PDFs about how to perform umrah. Get prepare with Umrah preparation articles and study Tips Umrah and tips hajj, before travel have some information about How to do Umrah and what is umrah.

Religions - Islam - Umrah: What Is Umrah - Differences Between Hajj and Umrah

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In Arabic the word 'Umrah is derived from al-I'timar which means a visit. Here it means paying a visit to Kabbah. The word Umrah is usually translated as minor pilgrimage or Hajj al-Asghar. Reference to 'Umrah occurs twice in the Quran, MORE »

Umrah Season 2015 Starting From Tomorrow - November 23, 2014

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Umrah 2015 season is going to start from Nov. 23 (Safar 1) as announced by The Ministry of Hajj in Jaddah. New measures are also introduced to improve the services, while streamlining the arrival and departure of pilgrims to the region on the other side. MORE »

Best Umrah Travelers in Pakistan - See The Hajj Packages Of Top Umrah Travelers Of Pakistan

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Are you finding the best umrah travelers in Pakistan to start your umrah pilgrimage? Here we have gathered some information on this topic to assist you in this regards with our research, umrah is an important part of Islam which includes some rituals to get the blessing of Allah. Everyone wants to perform umrah with best umrah travel and tour operator so we found MORE »

How to Perform Umrah PDF - Download

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Here we are going to give to step by step how to perform Umrah in PDF format so that you could be able to study How to perform Umrah. MORE »

How to Perform Umrah in Urdu - Step by Step

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For assistance about umrah guide in Urdu language such as umrah ka tariqa in Urdu, umrah karne ka tareeqa, umrah ke fawaid, see the following Urdu description in detail given below. MORE »

Tips For Umrah & Hajj Pilgrimage: Tips For Packing and Advices For Do and Don'ts

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Many people travel for their Umrah pilgrimage without knowing about the things which should be needed very much in their journey. So to solve this problem a person needs guidance in this matter from person who have already conducted umrah before or from the person who is an umrah guide. Here I am going to discuss some of essential umrah tips MORE »

Umrah Preparation - Prepare Yourself for Umrah Pilgrimage

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Every action has some preparation before you materialize the action. Same the Umrah is. You have to adopt some actions as preparation as Umrah Preparation before doing Umrah. MORE »

How To Do Umrah? Step By Step Guide To Perform Umrah

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Learn how to do Umrah? Umrah is one of the highly recommended rituals of Islam. Amongst Muslim, Umrah in Ramadan is considered to be equal to the Hajj. However, there is no comparison of Hajj against Umrah, because Umrah is recommended and not mandatory MORE »

Umrah: What is Umrah? Your Guide To Umrah Pilgrimage

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Umrah is a holy pilgrimage to Mecca which has different duration according to your wishes. Umrah is sub type of hajj or you may call it mini hajj, Umrah is comprised of some major rites of hajj which includes tawaf, Sa'e and then shaving/cutting of your head hair. MORE »

Things Which are Allowed and Forbidden in Ihram during Umrah

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Here we have enlightened many of the single issue one may face during Umrah as which are the things and actions are not allowed after taking Ihraam on. MORE »

How to Perform Umrah Step by Step Guide For Muslim Pilgrims to Perform Umra

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How to perform umrah a guide for Muslim pilgrims to perform umra, performing umrah explained. Umrah is an Arabic word which means a visit to Kabba and performing tawaf and Sai between safa and marwa. MORE »

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