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Read information about Islam, browse the Islamic facts, religion facts to increase your knowledge about Islam with best information of provided in Islam Facts by 'Hajjguides' to fulfill the demands of our users. Islamic religion facts are also provided for kids so that they can have full grip on the cultural facts and history of Islam in the world. Some interesting facts about Islam are given which are hidden in the folds of past which Muslim & the Religion Islam writes on the Earth with their Ideology.

Islam Facts For Kids: Simple & Interesting Facts About Islam For Kids

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Children are regarded as gifts and blessings of Allah. Islam lays stress upon the well-being of children as they hold the future of a society. Under Islamic facts, children must be taken care of properly, nurtured patiently, and made strong consistently. To love children is a Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (p.b.u.h). Amr bin Saeed (r.a) quoted Anas (r.a) as saying: MORE »

Information About Islam: Unveiling The Factual Islamic Information About Religion Islam

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Belief in Oneness of Allah is the basis of Islam. This belief leads to belief in angels, books, prophets, pre-destination and divine decree as well as the Day of Judgment. Then the pillars of Islam set in to complete the faith of a Muslim. If you want to know more about the religion of Islam, then read on for more information about Islam. MORE »

Interesting Facts About Islam - 19 Facts You Must Know About Islam

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Every religion has beliefs and practices which distinguish that religion from other religions. The same is true for the religion of Islam. Islam religion facts are the beliefs of Muslims, belief and knowledge of these facts differentiate a Muslim from a non-believer. A few important facts about Islam and Muslims are given as under: MORE »

Islamic Quotes on Forgiveness including Hadiths on Forgiveness as Quotes

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Forgiveness is an essential part of Islam. Allah forgives the most. So He guided quotes of forgiveness through His Prophet to us in Ahadith. Quotes on forgiveness can be found in a form of hadiths of the Prophet Muhammad SAWW. MORE »

History of Ramadan WikiGuide - Historical Facts of Fasting in Islam

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History of Ramadan and Fasting is very significant and clear fact in Islam. History of fasting in Islam is described as the month in which Quran was revealed on Prophet Muhammad SAWW by Allah SWT, called Ramadan, Muslims were obliged to fast during the whole month. MORE »

10 Facts about Islam - Fast Interesting & Short Facts of Islam

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10 Facts about Islam, read complete information and gather facts about Islam, 10 facts on Islam for people searching Islamic facts in detail. 10 facts about Islam, the facts in Islam which are regarding faith and creed of Islam. These facts of Islam may help you to understand the foundations of Islam on which Islam is based on, MORE »

Facts About Islam Religion - Especially Facts On Why Is Islam Growing So Fast

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Facts about Islam religion - It is fact that Islam is a second largest religion on earth, but it is also a fact that will be the largest faith to be followed if it keeps growing in a same pace. But why Islam is a fastest growing religion on the surface of the earth? Let's answer this by finding the facts about Islam. MORE »

Learn the Basic Islamic Facts - Facts in Islam with Fundamental Information

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Islamic Facts: Islam is a religion of submission to Allah. It also means peace. We are presenting facts of Islamic faith which will enable you to understand the Islam from its foundations. This basic information will surely help you to understand the Islam with info that probably made you confuse about Islam. MORE »

[Must Read] The Facts of the Islamic faith - Basic Facts on Islam

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Read the fundamental informational facts about Islam. Here, the facts on Islam would not be enough to understand what Islam is, but will give you foundation to help you start your journey understanding Islam. MORE »

10 Facts About Islam for Kids - The Facts Kids Must Know in Islam

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Here we're presenting 10 facts about Islam for Kids in simple words so that children could understand the fact in Islam which every kid must know about. You can also consider mentioned fact of Islam as basic guidance which every Muslim child must know to start his/her life in accordance with Islamic teachings. They are as below. MORE »

5 Facts About Islam - Five Things in Islam You Should Know About Golden Age

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People rarely know facts about the golden age of Islam. We're mentioning five fact as evidence of the Golden age of Islam, how Muslims rule the world not only by sword and authority, but intellectually with pen, the fact about the pen which enable Muslims to conquer the intellectual and cultural grounds of the world. MORE »

Interesting Facts about Islam - Interesting Facts Specially for Non-Muslims

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We're going to mention some interesting facts about Islam, the facts in Islam which may shock none-Muslim or in Islamic term, non-believers, especially, when you can see a global propaganda against Islam and biasness and prejudice. MORE »

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