Hajj 2017 an Obligation for Muslims: Interpretation with Islamic Sources of Jurisprudence

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Hajj 2017 (Arabic: ٢٠١٥ الحج‎) an Islamic pilgrimage and stands at fifth place in the Islamic articles of faith conducted annually in Mecca. Hajj is obligatory for Muslims whom fulfill the criteria of wealth, health and age. Each year about 3 million people perform hajj and its rituals according to the teachings of Prophet Muhammad SAW (سيدنا محمد صلی اللہ علیہ و آلہ و سلم) MORE »

Hajj-e-Akbar is Free of Ebola - Saudi Arabia on Pilgrimage 2014

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Acting health minister of Saudi Arabia says hajj has been free of Ebola this year and other similar diseases because of measures taken by the Government to protect more than 2 million (Haji) pilgrims who took part in the annual Islamic Pilgrimage to Mecca, Hajj-e-Akbar. MORE »

Some Snaps of Hajj 2014 Live Held this Year Successfully last until Oct. 7

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Live hajj snaps and images are gathered for the clients who were unable to attend hajj 2014 (Hajj-e-Akbar) this year held in Saudi Arabia, Mecca last till October 7, 2014. As hajj (The Pilgrimage) is one of the largest gatherings of the world at event yearly held in Makkah, current hajj is considered to be most desired hajj as it is also known as Hajj-e-Akbar. MORE »

The Hajj 2014 - The Pilgrimage to Mecca Ended with Success in All Grounds

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Congratulation to all participants, whether haji (the pilgrims), services providers, government and business opportunist that the hajj to Makkah ended with peace and success in all grounds as our team was dedicatedly remained engaged in the event to provide healthy and fruitful guide and information regarding hajj 2014 held in Saudi Arabia Mecca. MORE »

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