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Hajj - What is Hajj: A Pilgrimage To Mecca Offered By Muslims

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Hajj is the will and desire to visit, but in the terminology of the Shariah, it means the will to visit the Holy Kaaba which was the first structure built by Hazrat Adam for the worship of Allah, during the month of Zilhajj. The Holy Quran says: And remember, Abraham and Ismail raised the foundation of the House MORE »

Pilgrims from 163 Countries Gathered at the Heart of Islamic Land Mecca for Hajj

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From 163 countries, Muslims gathered in Mecca to perform Hajj (Pilgrim) as obligation on them once in life, this year, 2014 also like every year they circulate around the Kaba. MORE »

Sectarian Violence is Predicted on this Hajj by American Muslims

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Most of the American Muslim through social media and other networks are vowing prediction of sectarian violence on this Hajj (Pilgrimage) in Saudi Arabia. This Hajj in Saudi Arabia is coming when voidance not only in Iraq and Syria, but all over the Middle East. MORE »

Ufone International Roaming Hajj Offer for Hajj Pilgrims - Ufone Call Package for Hujjaj

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Ufone international roaming hajj offer for hajj pilgrims - Ufone Hajj Call Package, Ufone introduces hajj offer for the pilgrims who want to perform hajj this year, so now there is no need of buying Saudi Arabian's local SIM card to stay in contact with your relatives while performing your hajj. Here you can find the complete details of the offer which is offered by Ufone to its users of MORE »

Hajj: Hajj definition By Authentic Source Providing Definition Of Hajj

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Hajj is a pilgrimage towards Mecca located in Saudi Arabia. The Arabic meaning of the word hajj in ancient times refers to "go to"- this also called as the dictionary meaning of hajj in that time. But after the advent of Islam, the definition of hajj changes and now it becomes MORE »

Hajj | Hajj information 2015, Basic Information About Pilgrimage To Mecca

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Hajj as you are already familiar with is an obligatory part of Islam, people normally want to learn more about hajj before they start their hajj journey. So here we will provide you the sources which will gives you a direction and information about hajj 2015, you can find both general and specific information of hajj from here. MORE »

Hajj Facts: Pilgrimage To Mecca Facts, Definition & Introduction

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Hajj Facts and often asked Question facts of hajj. First of all I would like to define 'HAJJ' it is a prayer offered by Muslims to Allah and is a fifth pillar of Islam, hajj is the pilgrimage to Mecca in Islam, it is the largest gathering of peoples in the world in which around 3 million Muslims perform their religious duty. MORE »

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