Definition and Description of Word Islamic - How Islam sees the Word Islamic

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Define Islamic

The word Islamic is an adj of the word Islam. Islamic made of (Is-lam-ic) pronounced as /isˈlämik,izˈlämik/ is an adjective relating to Islam. Simply, anything relating to Islam is called Islamic such as Islamic Law, Islamic Culture, and Islamic Society etc.

Whereas, Islam is a religion Muslims follow, which is revealed on Prophet Muhammad SAWW by Allah in a shape of Quran ‘the book’ and the Sunnah ‘the traditions of Prophet Muhammad SAWW’ However, Islam all the Prophets before Him SAWW were also having the same Islamic creed and idea and all are considered to be Muslim in Islamic teachings.

Thus all that denotes to Islam is Islamic except which is considered to be un-islamic in Islamic tradition. For example Ahmadiya Islam is not considered as Islamic in Muslim society and Islamic Scholar out rightly reject them Muslim accordance with Islamic Sharia. Thus they are not Islamic at all due to they do not agree to fundamental Islamic Aqeedah.

There are many books written in Islamic history by Islamic scholars, thinkers and jurists on the topic having the word Islamic. Many of the topics are known such as Islamic Law, Islamic Economics, Islamic Culture, Islamic Books, Islamic traditions, Islamic Jurisprudence, Islamic Finance, Islamic websites, Islamic marriage, Islamic names, Islamic women, Islamic art and much more.

Thus, the word Islamic has a vital role where ever Islam is, because, the action, concept or thing can be Islamic or non-Islamic. Nothing could be between Islamic and un-Islamic, because every un-Islamic or non-Islamic is considered to be out of Islam or Kufr according to Islamic Ulema.

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