Crack Down on Fake Hajj Campaigns - Warning Fake Hajj/Umrah Traveling Agencies

Hajj Guide by Editorial Staff (October 24, 02:44 AM)


Saudi Interior Ministry is leading a campaign against fake Hajj Companies, taking strict measures against offices that exploit the unawareness of some pilgrims (Hujjaj).

The director of general security in Saudi Arabia, Major General Othman Muhrez said that there are serious measures led by the Interior Ministry against the violating hajj travel agencies and agents who deceive or commit fraud with innocent Hajj and Umrah seekers.

As many of the hajj and umrah tour operators in different countries are involved in exploiting the time and the money of unaware people deem to perform hajj or umrah from the different parts of the world. As hajj is an expensive tour, most of times with the duration of 40 days tour, many fake tour operators and hajj travelers take it as a chance to exploit the money of innocent hajj seekers and misguide them.

To stop all this nonsense Saudi Interior Ministry started leading a campaign against fake campaigns of Hajj travelers, tour operators and travel agents. It is warning by the director of general security in Saudi Arabia, Major General Othman Muhrez all involvers would have to face sentence and all involving companies will be shut down after too strict measures against violating offices crack downs will be taken place.

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