What are the Benefits of Fasting in Islam - Blessings of Ramadan Fasting

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benefits of fasting in islam

Benefits of Fasting in Islam: Benefits of fasting in the blessed month of Holy Ramadan is itself a blessing in Islam. Even mare fasting is itself has many benefits whether be exercised in Ramadan or other months or days.

The month of Ramadan, being the period of Allah’s intense mercy and the month symbolized by numerous Muslim achievements, brings its blessings to the Muslims again and again. Muslim all over the word engage in praying and extra rituals, to find forgiveness, mercy and blessings of their lord, Allah SWT to get benefits promised by the Messenger of Allah, Prophet Muhammad SAWW.

As opposed to other holidays, when people often indulge, Ramadan is by nature a time of sacrifice. Some of the major benefits and blessings of Fasting in Islam, especially in Ramadan, are given as.

  • In Ramadan, fasting gives experience of hunger and thirst, thus, resultantly, man gets the strength to face abnormal and difficult environment. Moreover, due to being thirsty and hungry, the one who fast get the benefit of feeling the pain of poor and needy people living around them.

  • Moreover, man realizes the blessings he/she is blessed by Allah SWT. How much he is given by the creator, thus, man feels the relationship with his creator more closer.

  • Feeling of closeness with Allah SWT, and the feeling the pain of poor and needy, create revolutionary changings in on who fasts, thus, resultantly, he/she increase charity through which society feels a vital change of wealth distribution.

  • Fasting also teaches self-control as one of the benefits of fasting. Resultantly, some moral aspects in human life appear like Muslim practices good manners, good speech, and good habits.

  • In addition to spiritual and societal benefits, the fasting also teaches the man how to manage the day. He feels his time is manages, and saved, as he has to stay away from useless talks and activities, the day seems longer and man engages himself in productive tasks.

  • Finally, the social benefit of fasting in Ramadan in Islam is family gathering. In fast growing life, people find difficult to exclude the time even for their own family members, but through the blessings of holy Ramadan, families and friend have to arrange the gathering together in iftar and sehr.

Finally, I would like to mention the hadith of Rasool Allah, which do not directly related with the benefits of Ramadan, but the of who is fasting, must have the property mention in hadith. As The Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) said,

"Whoever of you sees a Munkar (evil), he has to change it by his hand, if he can't then by his tongue, and if he can't then by his heart and this is the weakest Iman."

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