Things Which are Allowed and Forbidden in Ihram during Umrah

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Things Which are Allowed and Forbidden in Ihram during Umrah

Performing Umrah once in life is a dream of every Muslim where ever he/she is living in the world. However, Umrah is not as obligation as Hajj on every sane and adult Muslim male or female once in life if it is affordable physically or financially.

However, if Allah gives any one chance to perform Umrah in life, many of the issues may have to be faced to guide oneself according to Islam. In other word, Umrah is such a rare ritual to perform that people might not know many of the Ahkam-e-Sharia (Islamic Jurisprudence) regarding many of specific issues.

Here we have enlightened many of the single issue one may face during Umrah as which are the things and actions are not allowed after taking Ihraam on.

Prohibited Things and Actions after having Ihram
After intention and Talbiyah, you are in the status of Ihram and from this time on you should not do acts that are forbidden in Ihram, some of the major are given below, the acts which are not allowed after wearing Ihram.

  • Covering the head for men and covering the faces for women is not allowed.

  • Cover the middle bone of the upper part of the feet (Both men and women) not allowed.

  • Shave or cutting the hair is forbidden.

  • Cutting nails is forbidden for both men and women.

  • Wear perfume is also forbidden.

  • Men can only wear stitched clothing; however, Women can wear their ordinary clothes.

  • Hunting / killing anything even insects.

  • Any of legal way of Sex, or even sex is not allowed in any case.

  • Other than upper given instructions (Things and Actions) are allowed which are relevant to performing Umrah.

These are the acts from which some of them in usual life are allowed, however, after wearing Ihram for Umrah, none of them is allowed but prohibited and forbidden i.e. Haram.

We have tried our best to guide you in this issue regarding Umrah, if you not fully satisfied, you can ask.

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Ali December 12, 06:37 AM

Men can only wear stitched clothing???

Zafar Islam
Zafar Islam April 27, 02:20 AM

very nice article i must appreciate on this beautiful article which is very detailed i have read some more articles one of them i want to share with you guys www.umrahpackagesuk.co.uk/umrah-information/actions-that-nullify-ihram/

Ibrahim Muweta
Ibrahim Muweta September 07, 06:54 AM

I would like to know things which are allowed during ihram?

Baraka'allahu fikhum.

sai July 25, 09:29 PM

Do telling ur relatives or friend about what happening to you during performing umrah is forbeddin? Thanks