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Muslim? You’re fond of Halal food? Can’t find halal food restaurant living in Sydney, don’t worry Australia is a good place for Halal restaurants in Sydney. Many Muslims living in city of one of the biggest subcontinent, Sydney, face problems in finding halal food providing restaurants.

So no more worried now, you are at best place to find out halal restaurant available in Sydney along with their addresses and location. Now you can enjoy halal and taiyyub meal with your families and friends nearest to your distance. Also find halal food services providing restaurants, which are not halal food restaurants, but have very strict halal menu for their clients demanding halal meal.

We are giving the list of the best and top 15 restaurants located in Sydney providing halal food. All of the given restaurants in Sydney serve halal dishes. They are serving Chinese, Iranian, Indian, Lebanese, Caribbean, Bengali, Oriental, Malaysian and African halal and delightful dishes. You can also book and reserve you seats online, and can have home delivery facility provided by these restaurants.

So what are you waiting for, check the list and start plan visiting one of these delightful restaurants enlisted following.


These are the top 15 best recognized halal food providing restaurants in Sydney, Australia. However, there are many more halal restaurants and food corners in Sydney available, to get details, keep in touch with us and keep visiting our halal guide.

So when are you starting you halal dining in Sydney Halal Restaurants especially for Muslims.

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