Umrah Season 2015 Starting From Tomorrow - November 23, 2014

Umrah Guide by Editorial Staff (November 22, 08:08 AM)

Umrah Season Starting from Tomorrow

Umrah 2015 season is going to start from Nov. 23 (Safar 1) as announced by The Ministry of Hajj in Jaddah. New measures are also introduced to improve the services, while streamlining the arrival and departure of pilgrims to the region on the other side.

Moreover, the announcement is not restricted to the date of beginning of Umrah season 2015, meeting on Thursday held under The Ministry of Hajj also discussed the updated electronic services. Eissa Rawas, deputy minister for Umrah affairs summarized the agreements of the meeting saying,

“The meeting will discuss the pros and cons of last year’s Umrah operation plan to improve the facilities and services. Introduction of the e-regulations has contributed significantly in upgrading the services,”

It is decided that the number of pilgrims will remain restricted in line with pilgrims of 2012, with no change made and do not going to be increase, instead. The period of Umrah visas was reduced from one month to 14 days. So ratio will remain constant in the number of foreign and domestic Hajj pilgrims in addition to this days of Umrah will also reduce to 14 days maximum instead of on month.

More security measures are being taken through e-tracking system in which the major e-regulations are introduced by the ministry,by the use of this system ministry will be able to handle the entire system. The e-tracking system will be used to monitor the issuance of visas, monitoring of services provided to pilgrims, entry and departure of Hajj and Umrah pilgrims etc.

The implemented system looks to be introduced to have strict control over the movements of Pilgrims than ever before. It seems that Saudi Government has increasing concerns about their own security therefore making steps to make the Hajj & Umrah pilgrimage more secure.

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Hassan December 22, 02:33 AM

When willl open umrah in barcelona spain plz tell us