Hajj-e-Akbar is Free of Ebola - Saudi Arabia on Pilgrimage 2014

Hajj by Editorial Staff (October 18, 03:26 AM)


Acting health minister of Saudi Arabia says hajj has been free of Ebola this year and other similar diseases because of measures taken by the Government to protect more than 2 million (Haji) pilgrims who took part in the annual Islamic Pilgrimage to Mecca, Hajj-e-Akbar.

Adel Faqih, the acting health minister of Saudi Arabia told the reports that thousands of health workers were appointed on pilgrims upon arrival to the kingdom to take strict measure to diagnose if there Ebola identified or not. The hajj, which lasts around five days, ends Monday, 4th September 2014, is declared safe and sound regarding Ebola virus is one of the success.

For more measure, Adel Faqih also inform the press that to avoid Ebola virus in Hajj 2014, people from Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea were declared ban until the authorities feel comfortable that there is no longer an Ebola epidemic, as you know, the west African countries have been the hardest hit by the virus.

An official at King Abdulaziz international airport, Abdulghani Al-Malki said, “We have double-checked the papers that prove the aeroplanes had been sprayed twice before taking off to their destinations,” he further added, “So far 118,000 pilgrims have arrived by air from Nigeria. There was not a single suspected case of the deadly virus among them,”

Thus, Ebola fears prevent thousands of West African Muslims from attending the Hajj (Pilgrimage) as Government of Saudi Arabia implemented travel ban on them with strict check. That’s why, many African Muslim remained unable to offer the blessed Hajj-e-Akbar.

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