Halal: What is Halal Food - Definition of Halal (Permissible) Food in Islam

Halal by Editorial Staff (October 31, 12:57 AM)


Halal is defined as permissible and allowed. In Islamic context it is denoted to which is permissible in Islam. Therefore, halal food can be defined as the food which is permissible or allowed to use or eat in Islamic Law.

Thus, in Islamic terminology halal food (Permissible Food) has specific meaning and description. When hearing the halal the first thing which came in perception is halal meat. However, the term ‘Halal’ covers and designates not only food and drink but also all the matters of daily life, but here we are only supposed to discuss halal food, which can be vegetarian and non-vegetarian.

Halal food Islamically can be categorized in four commands i.e. Fard (Compulsory or obligatory), Mandoob (Recommended), Mubah (On choice), Makruh (Disliked but allowed). As for the first command which is Fard (Obligatry), Halal food cannot be listed in because there is no food in Islam which is compulsory on Muslims to use or eat. Therefore, halal food can only be listed in three categories as below,

Mandoob Food: The food which is recommended to eat or use in Islam. The type of food include in this can be the food which is use by our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAWW. According to some Scholars, food which is mentioned in Quran in recommended manners like Honey, Olive and Pomegranate can be listed in those halal foods which are Mandoob (Recommended) in Islam. And many says the food which is liked by Prophet Muhammad SAWW is also Mandoob such as cold water.

Mubah Food: Most of the foods in its origin are Mubah (On choice) category. All the eating the drinking things except some in numbers are Mubah. Except those foods which is specifically listed as Mandoob and Makruh (Disliked).

Makruh Food: The Makruh foods are the eating or drinking things which are disliked or not appreciated in Islam to use, eat or drink. However, these types of foods are not Haram (Forbidden) in Islam. Everyone is allowed to use, eat or drink them but it is preferred to stay away or minimize its use. For example the consumption of horse meat in normal circumstances is makruh in Islam.

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