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Umrah Guide by Editorial Staff (April 24, 07:37 AM)

Download PDF of How to Perform Umrah - Umrah is a Sunnah (The Way) of Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) and one of the most recommended rituals performed by Muslims in Islam. Hundreds of thousand Muslims around the world wish and gathered in Mecca to perform Umrah altogether during the year.

As Umrah is rarely performed by Muslim, as few of them be able to at least perform once in their life and most of them could not be able to perform ever. Therefore most of performing Muslims do not know even the single step of how to perform Umrah due to lack of awareness.

Here we are going to give to step by step how to perform Umrah in PDF format so that you could be able to study How to perform Umrah guide even offline by downloading the file of how to perform Umrah in PDF format.

Click the below link or button to download the file how to perform umrah pdf. It is absolutely free of cost.


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baba Muhammad Chiroma
baba Muhammad Chiroma May 05, 08:46 AM

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Ahmed Imad Mohamed
Ahmed Imad Mohamed March 31, 09:55 AM

Asalam Alikum, Any one who works to Teach and help Islam in any way my prayers are with them even if I do not know there names or location. I prey to Allah almighty for his blessings
First thing in Islam is "Iquraa"