How is Halal Meat Prepared - Explaining Exact Method For Halal Slaughtering

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How halal meat is prepared, a debate which includes many questions, like proper halal labeling, strict rules of Islam must be observed, the person slaughtering must be Muslim and so on in the article written below you can find the proper guidance about how is halal meat prepared or slaughtered.

Halal food (Whether meat) preparation is the name for meals that is allowable for Muslims to consume. In Islamic terminology, Halal denotes to allowed or permissible. Therefore Halal meat means the meat that is permissible. Similarly, halal meat prepared means the meat that is halal and prepared through halal ways i.e. halal recipe.

When you say how to make halal meat or what does mean by how halal meat is prepared, it reveals three things in every rational mind. First of all, the meat of the animal that is declared halal in Islam. Secondly, the slaughtering of the animal that is being used as meat must meet the Islamic ways of slaughtering (Dhabiha or Zabiha). And lastly, the cooking process must also be used by halal ways and recipes.

As for halal animals, that are so common especially which are traditionally be used by Muslims all across the world such as goat, cow, hen etc. Muslims around the work only eat the meat of specific animals that they are of sure declared halal in Islamic law according to the major Islamic Jurists.

As for killing the halal animal, Islam guides the specific way of slaughtering the animal which in Arabic named as Dhabiha or Zabiha. The particular way of slaughtering are given as following step by step in accordance with the matter which must be taken in account before and after the slaughtering process.

  1. A well-sharpened knife to make a swift.

  2. Deep incision that can cuts.

  3. Start cutting front of the throat, the carotid artery, windpipe, and jugular veins.

  4. While slaughtering name the Allah as, "in the name of God."

Thirdly and finally, the process of preparing halal meal through halal meat must also be Islamic. There must not be any halal thing in recipe of that food which is prepared. Moreover, Hygiene and cleanliness are motivated in Islam, such as bodily as well as psychological purity. The meal that is consumed is also needed to be genuine and fresh.

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