Top Tips to Stay Healthy While Offering The Hajj (Pilgrimage) in Mecca Hajj Tips On Health

Hajj Guide by Editorial Staff (October 17, 09:13 AM)

Health tips on hajj

Tips regarding health during hajj are very important, as Health tips for hujaj are now become important due to huge crowd in Hajj. Chances of infection and diseases increases if any one show carelessness.

The hajj (pilgrimage) is undertaken by millions of Muslims from around the world every year. Staying healthy and strong during the journey is crucial. Maintaining energy levels and body strength during hajj necessitates that certain safety precautions must be taken. Otherwise, you may find it difficult to focus on hajj rituals due to fatigue or illness.

Here are key tips on how to protect yourself from the three frequent health issues that Haji (Pilgrim) may face: infections, food poisoning and heat strokes respectively. Because these are the main health problem anyone has to face who is in journey like Hajj.

Food Poisoning Issues During Hajj

If you are feeling abdominal cramps and feeling weak, you may be suffering from diarrhea which often caused by food poisoning during hajj. If food you are eating is prone to bacterial growth, which can lead to diarrhea. This is due to food may be either undercooked or cooked properly but kept outside for hours in unsafe conditions that lead to bacterial growth in it.

Thus in this case, the health tips are very simple, maintain your diet. Avoid all fiber containing food such as whole grains, beans, most fruits, and vegetables. Moreover, fatty or fried food can upset your stomach and worsen your diarrhea as well. So keep avoiding all a kind of stuff that is mentioned.

Chances of Infection During Hajj

Rush, dust, random eating, haphazard drinking and ouching everywhere may cause any type of infection during your journey to pilgrimage to mecca, especially when there are rumors of ebola in hajj. Thus our hajj health guide and tips are simple in that matter, avoid kissing on the cheek, hugging, or shaking hands when greeting others. These activities are other ways you can either catch or transmit infections. During hajj, a pat on the back will have to do!

Moreover, certain vitamins and minerals with energy drinks can play a role in strengthening your immunity, including the mineral Zinc which would be helpful to deal with infection. And if you’re frequently using water, specially ZamZam water, what else you’ll need then, no infection will come even near to you.

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