Halal Foods List - Halal Food Products with Halal Ingredients and Halal Restaurant List

Halal by Editorial Staff (November 03, 09:01 PM)

halal food list

Halal foods list comprises of list of food products that are halal certified, food products with ingredient lists that are halal and the food which can be obtain from the restaurants listed as are halal certified.

List of halal food can contain the foods of eating things which in their essence all halal (Permissible), remembering that Halal is a specific Arabic term which denotes to the allowed things in Islamic law. Other than halal is considered to be haram (Forbidden) in Islamic teachings and Muslims are not allowed to optimize them.

Halal foods in their essence are such as meat of allowed animals, birds, fish, vegetables, milk, eggs and more. Whereas, there are some food which can be listed not in their essence as halal, but made up of halal food i.e. halal dishes, meals and items such as cheese and yogurt made up by milk etc. You can also enlist halal ingredient in this category of halal foods which are not in their essence halal declared by Muslim scholar, but made by halal ingredients so considered halal Islamically. All type the halal dishes could be included in it.

As for halal restaurant, they are the restaurants and food points certified as halal. The halal certification entails that the particular restaurant is authentically certified to deliver halal food, everyone can trust that specific restaurant.  So the list of halal food restaurants refers to restaurants which are certified to deliver halal food.

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