Halal Chicken: Is Chicken Halal in Islam, Read How To Slaughter Chicken In Halal Manner

Halal by Editorial Staff (October 26, 11:22 PM)


Although chicken is Halal in Islam to use and eat, but if chicken is not slaughtered properly, it becomes haram at times. So what is halal chicken? Halal chicken must meet two conditions according to Islamic Law and the principles defined by Islamic Jurists just like any other living being other than sea food.

There are minimum two conditions that Islam requires from any animal to be listed in Halal category. If chicken meets these two well defined condition, it wouldn’t be improper to declare that particular Chicken to be halal. The conditions are as,

There are two fundamental conditions for meat to be Halal (Permissible) in Islamic ruling.

  1. Selecting the animal which is halal

  2. Process of Slaughtering the animal which is defined by Islam

Thus, the chicken is itself one of the halal living being according to Islamic definition of halal food. And the second condition that is for the chicken to be entitled as halal or permissible is the way the chicken is slaughtered.

Islamic way of slaughtering the animal is simple, which in Arabic called Zabiha or Dhabiha. Excluding fish and other sea-life, Dhabiha is an Islamic method of slaughtering the animal. Islam teaches the specific method of slaughtering the chicken or any animal or bird which is halal. So, the chicken must be slaughter taking following things in account.

  1. A well-sharpened knife to make a swift.

  2. Deep incision that can cuts.

  3. Start cutting front of the throat, the carotid artery, windpipe, and jugular veins.

  4. While slaughtering name the Allah as, "in the name of God."

If you have any questions in your mind about the topic halal chicken, just not hesitate to ask.

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