What is Halal Meat - Halal Meat Definition & Details of Permissible Meat In Islamic Law

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In Islamic terminology, Halal mean permissible. So halal meat is a meat which is permissible to eat and use in Islam. Thus Halal meat is a type of meat which is selected and slaughtered according to Islamic Sharia Jurisprudence i.e. the meat which is permissible according the teachings of Islam.

There are two fundamental conditions for meat to be Halal (Permissible) in Islamic ruling.

  1. Selecting the animal which is halal

  2. Process of Slaughtering the animal which is defined by Islam

Halal Animal

Although there exists difference of opinion on animals that are considered halal or allowed to be eaten their meat amongst Islamic Jurists, yet most of the halal animals available massively are unanimously considered as halal animals such as hen, goat, cow, and camel etc.

Method of Slaughtering

halal_hand_SlaughteringAs for the method to kill the animal, the Islamic way to make animal halal is slaughtering in a specific manner. When it is said “slaughtering in a specific manner”, it clearly indicate that by just stunning the animal through physical power or through electric shocks is not allowed, as In many sheep and lambs this is done by electronic stunning to the head on the other hand in poultry this done via a water bath electrified with enough power to make them unconscious but not to kill. Another method of stunning that involves cardiac arrest is not allowed under halal rules.

Moreover, in non-halal slaughterhouses, stunned animals are shackled and hoisted above the ground where a slaughter-man "sticks" them, cut their throat or insert a chest stick close to the heart. Cattle and some sheep and pigs are stunned by a bolt through the brain before being killed. All the methods like these are strongly disowned by Islam. More horribly, some European countries, most recently Denmark, have banned slaughter without pre-stunning.

Islamic way of slaughtering the animal is simple, which in Arabic is known as Zabiha or Dhabiha. Excluding fish and other sea-life, Dhabiha is an Islamic method of slaughtering the animal as following.

  1. A well-sharpened knife to make a swift.

  2. Deep incision that can cuts.

  3. Start cutting front of the throat, the carotid artery, windpipe, and jugular veins.

  4. While slaughtering name the Allah as, "in the name of God."

Thus, this is the method to slaughtering the animal in Islamic ruling if the Animal is in the list which is permissible in Islam.

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