Can Women BreastFeed while in Fast? Islamic Ruling on Breastfeeding & Fasting in Ramadan - In Islam

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Sharia Ruling on Breastfeeding and Fasting in Islam for Woman: With regard to breastfeeding mothers and pregnant women, fasting in Ramadan may have two applications. If women and the baby don't have to face the fear of any harm... and if both feared to be harm due to fast. MORE »

Why Do Muslims Fast in Ramadan Al Mubarak - Ramzan Fasting Reason

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Why Muslims fast in Ramadan Kareem: Holy Ramadan is 9th month of Islamic Calendar in which Muslims fast to fulfill the obligation during each day of whole month i.e. Ramzan. Fasting in Ramadan is obligation on every sane and adult Muslim when he/she observe that month. MORE »

History of Ramadan WikiGuide - Historical Facts of Fasting in Islam

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History of Ramadan and Fasting is very significant and clear fact in Islam. History of fasting in Islam is described as the month in which Quran was revealed on Prophet Muhammad SAWW by Allah SWT, called Ramadan, Muslims were obliged to fast during the whole month. MORE »

Importance of Fasting in Islamic Religion - Ramadan Fasting Significance& Virtues

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Importance of fasting in Islam especially in a blessed month of Ramadan cannot be listed in few lines. Fasting in Islam is Significant and important, both in this world and hereafter. If we start writing the importance and the virtues of fasting we can get by, our pen will not be able to last. MORE »

What are the Benefits of Fasting in Islam - Blessings of Ramadan Fasting

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Benefits of Fasting in Islam: Benefits of fasting in the blessed month of Holy Ramadan is itself a blessing in Islam. Even mare fasting is itself has many benefits whether be exercised in Ramadan or other months or days. MORE »

Hajj-e-Akbar is Free of Ebola - Saudi Arabia on Pilgrimage 2014

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Acting health minister of Saudi Arabia says hajj has been free of Ebola this year and other similar diseases because of measures taken by the Government to protect more than 2 million (Haji) pilgrims who took part in the annual Islamic Pilgrimage to Mecca, Hajj-e-Akbar. MORE »

Top Tips to Stay Healthy While Offering The Hajj (Pilgrimage) in Mecca Hajj Tips On Health

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Tips regarding health during hajj are very important, as hajj tips on health are now become important especially when due to huge crowd in Hajj, chances of infection and diseases, viral or bacterial increases. MORE »

Search Halal Restaurants in Sydney - List of Australian Halal Food Corners & Restaurants

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We are giving the list of the best and top 15 restaurants located in Sydney providing halal food. All of the given restaurants in Sydney serve halal dishes. They are serving Chinese, Iranian, Indian, Lebanese, Caribbean, Bengali, Oriental, Malaysian and African halal and delightful dishes. MORE »

Find Halal Restaurants in London List - UK Halal Food Corners & Restaurants with Complete Address

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Halal restaurants in London can be found anywhere in the world. Also in London, UK, you can find halal restaurants and food corner with halal menu almost at every corner. The more majority you find of Muslims living in any area, the more halal food can be found. MORE »

Halal Restaurants Melbourne - Find List of Best Halal Restaurants in Melbourne CBD For 2015

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People find halal restaurants Melbourne because some restaurants deals in haraam food Melbourne which is not Halal to be eaten by Muslims, as Islam teaches them to only eat those foods which strictly falls under the dietary laws of Islam. Muslims strictly observe those dietary laws and only eat halal food, so here we have tried MORE »

Definition and Description of Word Islamic - How Islam sees the Word Islamic

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The word Islamic is an adj of the word Islam. Islamic made of (Is-lam-ic) pronounced as /isˈlamik,izˈlamik/ is an adjective relating to Islam. Simply, anything relating to Islam is called Islamic such as Islamic Law, Islamic Culture, and Islamic Society etc. MORE »

What is Islamic - The Definition of the Word Islamic Literally and Islamically

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Islamic: The civilization developed by the Muslim world is sometimes called Islam. And everything which denotes to Islam called Islamic. Or what is driven through Islam is described as Islamic. For example, the way of life described by Islam will be called Islamic way of life. MORE »