Newly Reverts to Islam - Latest converted Muslims Top 10 List

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Reverts to Islam often used for those who converted to Islam and become a Muslim from any other religion like Christianity or Judaism etc. Muslims use this term "reverts to Islam" giving reason that when one accepts Islam, it is not his/her first time, it is infect he/she is reverting to its origin and truth on which one took birth. MORE »

How to Become Muslim and Convert to Islam - Muslim's Guide

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Become a Muslim means convert to Islam, or accept Islam as religion. Whether you're by birth a Muslim or not, you have to become a Muslim, a good practicing Muslim, because a Muslim is define as the one who submits his/her will to Allah SWT. So the way to submitting the will is Islam. Thus, following Islam is submission to Allah SWT and the followers who follow Islam is called a Muslim. MORE »

Correct and Proper Hijab in Islam and How to Wear it Properly - Muslim Clothing

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When you question what proper Hijab in Islam is, two issues raised. In so many different hijabs which is right? And what is proper way to wear Khumar and Jilbab. So lest start with the proper definition of Hijab in Islam. MORE »

Hijab in Islam: Hadith - Collection of Ahadiths Prophet SAWW on Hijab for Women

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We've collected all the Ahadith (Most of the hadiths) on the topic of Hijab in Islam. From the following Hadiths you can observe the importance of Hijab in Islam, how our Prophet SAWW emphasis on the wearing of Hijab for women in following narrations. May Allah SWT guide our mothers, sisters, wives and all the Muslim women to realize the importance of Hijab. MORE »

The Objective of Hijab in Islam - Islam Hijab Guide

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The wearing of the hijab plays a vital part in maintaining the modesty of the women in Islam. However, the modesty that the women possess is not created by just hijab i.e. a garment she wears, but is derived from within herself, giving her a certain standard of respectability in her manner and conduct. MORE »

Is Hijab Mandatory in Islam - How Hijab is Obligation on Muslim Women

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Wearing Hijab (Khimar and Jilbab) is mandatory on women in Islam at public place. There is no difference of opinion whether Hijab is mandatory in Islam or not amongst the recognized schools of thoughts i.e. Hanafi, Shafai, Maliki and Hanbali. All the Mazahib (Sects of Muslims) are agreed on the obligation of having hijab in public place for women who is at her age of puberty. MORE »

What is Hijab in Islam - Definition of Hijab (Khimar/Jilbab) amongst Muslim Scholars

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This is often asked question that what is Hijab in Islam for women because there exists difference of opinion on the definition of hijab amongst the Muslim scholars and Islamic Jurists. However, majority of scholars have only two opinions to dispute on Hijab i.e. covering all the body except hand and face, and women as whole is to be covered. MORE »

Importance of hijab in Islam - Obligation of Khimar and Jilbab in Public Place for Women

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Importance of Hijab is very evident in Islam where, Hijab generally refers to clothing such as the veil and the headscarf worn by Muslim women (Muslimah) over her casual clothes in public place. MORE »

Halal Foods List - Halal Food Products with Halal Ingredients and Halal Restaurant List

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halal foods list comprises of list of food products that are halal certified, food products with ingredient lists that are halal and the food which can be obtain from the restaurants listed as are halal certified. List of halal food can contain the foods of eating things which in their essence all halal (Permissible). MORE »

Search Halal Food Restaurants in Bangkok - List of Thailand Halal Food Corners & Restaurants

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Muslim? You're fond of Halal food? Can't find halal food restaurant living in Bangkok, don't worry Thailand is a good place for Halal restaurants in Bangkok. Many Muslims living in one of the most populous city of Thailand, Bangkok, face problems in finding halal food providing restaurants. MORE »

Halal Food Definition - Explanation of Halal Food in Islamic Terminologies and Traditions

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Halal Food Definition: Halal mean permitted or allowed, where halal food defined as a food which is lawful to eat and use. The term 'halal' is mostly associated with Islam. And in Islam, halal is mostly used for food that is allowed to eat and use in Islamic Sharia Law. MORE »

Halal Food Festival Toronto 2015 - Halal Food Festivals 2015 Address & Tickets Information

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Halal Food Festival 2015, see address of food festival Toronto, halal food festival Toronto 2015 tickets. Halal mean permitted and halal food means the food that is permissible in Islam. Halal Food Festivals are organized all around the world to create the awareness of Halal food, what is halal food and how important is to eat and use halal food in Islamic Law, Quran and the Sunnah! MORE »