The Hajj 2014 - The Pilgrimage to Mecca Ended with Success in All Grounds

Hajj by Editorial Staff (October 09, 01:13 AM)


Congratulation to all participants, whether haji (the pilgrims), services providers, government and business opportunist that the Live Hajj to Makkah ended with peace and success in all grounds.

As our team was dedicatedly remained engaged in the event to provide healthy and fruitful guide and information regarding hajj 2014 held in Saudi Arabia Mecca, the pilgrimage to mecca ended with success for our team as well. As we were providing information about how to perform hajj, details and sunnah’s of different steps performed during hajj, duas which are preferable while performing haj, details of different obligatory and extra rituals of hajj and much more, the pilgrims got much benefit from our fruitful articles and through direct questions and answers session online held with our team. We proud that we had done all this for the sake to get blessings of Allah the almighty.

As for different packages of hajj provided on this website, our regular or daily viewers know very well that we provide assistance and guidance on different travel agencies and haj services provider, and we make categories as best three hajj travelers providing the best services in our view in both, economically and facility wise, so that our client be able to select the best out of three given best hajj travelers and tour operator to start their journey of hajj with, that are selected after great and detailed inspection and by overviewing their previous neat and clean record. So we are thankful to Almighty Allah who has helped us to successfully provide Hajj guide services to our many valuable clients.

However, despite all these facts, the pilgrimage to mecca that occurs during the 12th month of the Islamic lunar calendar is one of the biggest yearly event with respect to business point of view. As Ziauddin Sardar, author of the forthcoming book "Mecca: The Sacred City." Says,

“The Hajj at the moment is a huge earner, after oil, for Saudi Arabia,” he added, “We know that oil is going to run out. The Saudis are counting on Hajj to provide income. It’s big business.”

Not only for Saudis, hajj is also a big source of earning for all those affiliated to hajj regarding business, such as travelers, traders etc. all get gains from hajj whether spiritual of material. The hajj 2014 considered to be one of the most successful hajj of the times as we haven’t seen much causalities, accident, unrests, and terror activities as expected in the mega event. Moreover, with more than two million visitors gathering in Mecca to Arafat, also glowed the business as revenues from both Hajj and Umrah, the pilgrimage Muslims make outside the prescribed month, will total more than $18.6 billion this year.

Again, congratulation to all participants, whether haji (the pilgrims), services providers, tour operators, government and business opportunist that the hajj to Mecca ended with peace and success in all grounds.

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