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Hajj 2017 an Obligation for Muslims: Interpretation with Islamic Sources of Jurisprudence

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Hajj 2017 (Arabic: ٢٠١٥ الحج‎) an Islamic pilgrimage and stands at fifth place in the Islamic articles of faith conducted annually in Mecca. Hajj is obligatory for Muslims whom fulfill the criteria of wealth, health and age. Each year about 3 million people perform hajj and its rituals according to the teachings of Prophet Muhammad SAW (سيدنا محمد صلی اللہ علیہ و آلہ و سلم) MORE »

Gazans Are Restricted From Performing Umrah And Hajj

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Thousands of people are enclosed in Gaza city and are unable to perform Umrah or Hajj, as the border are closed and no one can cross them. Recently about 7500 pilgrims from Gaza started their journey to Mecca but in their way they came to know that the borders are closed for Gazans and no one can cross the border. MORE »

List: Umrah Packages 2017 Monthly Basis From Pakistan

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List of umrah packages 2017 on monthly basis to perform umrah 2017 from Pakistan - We have listed the umrah Packages Pakistan 2017 to perform your umrah 2017; here we mentioned the list of umrha 2017 packages by trusted hajj & Umrah tour operators in Pakistan (Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, Package Gujrat, Faisalabad, Sargodha, Hyderabad, Sialkot and Multan). MORE »

SNGPL Duplicate Bill: View, Print, Download SNGPL Online Bill

Duplicate Bills by Editorial Staff   Comments (7)

Enter your customer ID, or reference number in the fields as shown below to print your duplicate bill at your home and pay your bill on time. Sometimes you may need a duplicate SNGPL bill if your bill is lost in your home, after delivered by company representative. You can simply check your duplicate bill and can also print your SNGPL bill online a free service by the sui gas company for all of their customers. MORE »

Umrah Packages Pakistan 2017

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A number of travel agents and companies offer Umrah packages Pakistan these days. However, these Umrah packages 2015 can range in their cost and package details and also in the facilities offered to the travelers going for Umrah. MORE »

Economic System of Islam - Explaining The Economics Of Islam

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Islamic teachings attach great importance to the economic aspects of daily life. Islam strives to establish a true welfare society, where the economic well being of its members and an equitable distribution system of wealth are ensured. In an Islamic society, the economic system is based within the framework of the moral MORE »

Religions - Islam - Umrah: What Is Umrah - Differences Between Hajj and Umrah

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In Arabic the word 'Umrah is derived from al-I'timar which means a visit. Here it means paying a visit to Kabbah. The word Umrah is usually translated as minor pilgrimage or Hajj al-Asghar. Reference to 'Umrah occurs twice in the Quran, MORE »

Hajj - What is Hajj: A Pilgrimage To Mecca Offered By Muslims

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Hajj is the will and desire to visit, but in the terminology of the Shariah, it means the will to visit the Holy Kaaba which was the first structure built by Hazrat Adam for the worship of Allah, during the month of Zilhajj. The Holy Quran says: And remember, Abraham and Ismail raised the foundation of the House MORE »

Sources Of Islamic Law: Explaining Sources Of Islamic Sharia Law

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The religious and legal thinking of Islam is based on some fundamental principles and procedures. These principles form the fundamental sources of Islamic Law and are known as Shariah. The Shariah is meant to govern MORE »

How To Become A Muslim? 7 Steps To Become a Muslim & Convert To Islam

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A new Muslim convert or someone thinking of becoming a Muslim is often concerned with the main question of how to become a Muslim? People embrace Islam for various reasons, whatever the cause maybe; some life changing experience, a MORE »

Islam Facts For Kids: Simple & Interesting Facts About Islam For Kids

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Children are regarded as gifts and blessings of Allah. Islam lays stress upon the well-being of children as they hold the future of a society. Under Islamic facts, children must be taken care of properly, nurtured patiently, and made strong consistently. To love children is a Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (p.b.u.h). Amr bin Saeed (r.a) quoted Anas (r.a) as saying: MORE »

Muslim Religion Beliefs: The Concept Of God In Islam - Reply

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Monotheism, or faith in one God, is the foundation of Islam. It is the most important aspect of Muslim religion beliefs. All Muslims believe in the unity of God who has created and furnished the universe and He has the power and knowledge over everything. He is exclusive, matchless, and glorious above everything He creates, MORE »

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